Our Policy

  • Utmost care will be given to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Please let us know if we are lacking on it.
  • We do not use hydrogenated vegetable oil (Dalda) instead we use pure Ghee; best quality mustered and refined oil.
  • We do not use artificial flavour or colour in any of the items made here.
  • Please DO NOT Smoke or consume alcohol inside the restaurant. We will not allow drunken people to enter inside.
  • Fire Extinguishers are placed within your reach. Use it in case of emergency.
  • We love pets but won't allow them inside the restaurant.
  • Close circuit cameras are fitted in the different corners for surveillance.
  • Outside foods are not allowed inside the restaurant.
  • Your appearance should not cause discomfort to others in the restaurant. Please wear dresses in tune with local culture, tradition and acceptable by the local people / co-guests.
  • Don't pay without bill. We prefer Digital Payment. We accept payment through Debit/Credit card/ other instant e-pay methods.
  • Please rate our quality of food and service at Google / Facebook /Twitter / Instagram. The restaurant remains open from 12 noon to 11pm.